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Mini Sheller Roller Design
Most pea sheller rollers are designed to push the peas out the back of the pea pod.  The rollers on the Mini Sheller are specially designed to rip the hull down the seam and roll the peas out of the zipper.  This dramatically reduces bruising and increases yield.

Roller Speed
The speed of the rollers have been scientifically calculated for optimal yield as well.  If the rollers turn too fast the peas get mashed before they can safely exit the pod.  If the rollers are too slow then the hull does not tear open and the peas get mashed.  This is just another example of the great detail that went into making this pea sheller machine.

Roller Texture
A lot of time and attention, trial-and-error, went into the material and texture of the Mini Sheller rollers.  If the material is too hard the rollers won't grab the hull to pull them through.  If it is too soft, then the peas get mashed.  Texture, like tire trends have a great deal to do with performance as well.
Motor and Rollers
The motor speed and torque have to match the rollers for maximum performance.  Everything has to marry together to maximize yield.  There was a great deal of consideration given to the type of motor which affected the size the rollers and even the distance of the pulley from the motor!

Adjustable Rollers
The rollers are easily adjustable for cow peas to butter beans.  It is recommended to make adjustments in 1/2 to 3/4 turn increments. 

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