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Our Story

Pea sheller machines are nearly impossible to find in stores. Websites copy some of the manufacturer's data, but not useful information. I've included in depth reviews and stories so the reader can 'visually touch' each product. I hope you will find it useful.

We're Here to Help

There is a growing demand for roller- type pea sheller machines and drum-style bean hullers. It is difficult to know what is best without consultation. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns, we will be glad to guide you through.

Who Do You Call?

I frequently get calls at night. When I answer people usually respond with, "Oh, I was just going to leave a voice mail. I didn't think anyone would answer."
I usually respond with, "If you think I'm important enough to call, then I think you're important enough that I answer."

Full Stocking Dealer

We are the only full stocking dealer for Taylor Manufacturing & Lee Manufacturing machines. We also have a Taylor TaMaCo 515 & TaMaCo 520, which is the standard commercial pea sheller and bean huller.

Taylor Factory Authorized Repair Center

In addition, we carry the full line of Taylor Little Sheller parts. As an authorized factory trained technician, we repair pea sheller macines here as well as offer technical support for those who've bought rollers and other parts from us. Of course we sell a lot of pans, so don't be shy about getting a few extras.

Local Demonstrations

Although primarily an internet retailer, we do have a surprising amount of walk-in traffic. We're always happy to demonstrate each pea sheller and show the strengths and limitations. This is beneficial for our online customers because the questions they ask allow us to adjust the pea sheller information pages with answers to common questions and concerns.

We Carry Bean Hullers, Too

We usually have a TaMaCo 515 in stock on the showroom floor. Since it takes about 3 to 5 weeks to get them from the factory, we have no problem selling them. We usually have a standing order for them so ordering from us can be faster than ordering it direct from the factory. Plus that we have longer hours of operation so if you have questions or problems, you be glad you got you TaMaCo 525 bean huller from us!

PoBoy Pea Sheller

We're getting a GREAT response from our PoBoy Pea Sheller listing. If you haven't had a chance, please go the website and check it out. The Poboy is a handy counter top pea sheller with adjustable rollers that does a fantastic job on purple hull to butter beans.

Another Site

I have 11 ecommerce websites. Some products overlap. My favorite site is: Pea Sheller Machines.

And Finally, Call Us (855) 743-5537

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