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Pea Sheller Reviews

Welcome to! We hope to provide you with the latest information for your peas. From planting, cultivating, shelling, preserving, and even to cooking your peas, we hope to be your number one source of information.

We provide reviews for all the major pea shelling machines. From the hand turned "Mr. Pea Sheller" to the electric pea shellers like the Taylor Pea Sheller a.k.a "The Little Sheller" and the "Electric Mr. Pea Sheller." We also provide reviews on larger industrial pea shellers and provide side-by-side comparisons.


The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is great for small gardens or those that want to shell a 5-gallon bucket at a time.  The Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is ideal for the elderly or apartment dwellers.  When not shelling peas it fits in a cabinet or in the closet.

The Taylor Pea Sheller, nick named "Little Sheller," Or Taylor Model 675, is the only roller-type light-commercial pea sheller on the market.  It is also the only roller-type pea sheller with adjustable rollers.

The TaMaCo Pea Huller review is a work in progress, but I've got the basics for you.  There is a lot to building a pea sheller machine this size.  This is not a kitchaid pea sheller!


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