Taylor Little Pea Sheller Gears (set of two) Taylor Little Sheller Gears Taylor Little Sheller Gears

"Where Pea Shellers Get Their Pea Sheller"

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Taylor Little Sheller Gears

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Taylor Pea Sheller Rollers

Taylor Pea Sheller Rollers (complete set of top and bottom)fit all models of the Little Sheller, from 1973 to the present day models.

Our Price: $174.95
Taylor Pea Sheller Pan

Taylor Little Pea Sheller Pan- for that perfect fit! I cannot find another pan that fits the Taylor Pea Sheller

Buy 1:$16.95 Each
Buy 2-3:$15.95 Each
Buy 4+:$14.95 Each
Taylor Pea Sheller Foot Grommets

The Taylor Foot Groomets (set of 4)

Our Price: $9.95
Taylor Little Sheller Bearing Blocks

Taylor Little Sheller Bearing Blocks

Our Price: $74.95
Taylor Little Sheller Bearing Springs

Taylor Little Pea Sheller bearing springs (set of 2)

Our Price: $7.95

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